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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Forward on GreenFaith

It is wonderful that so many groups are involved in the work of care of creation! This looks like a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn more and become involved in the change that must take place to protect the planet and keep it sustainable for generations to come.

In addition to the Sustainable Living Leadership Program descried below, the fall holds an abundance of opportunities to grow awareness of the necessity for behavioral changes. 

September 1 is the World Day of Pray for Care of Creation. 

The following week is the Climate Summit in San Francisco around which worldwide actions are being planned.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is September 16.

World Water Monitoring Day is on September 18.

September 25 is the third anniversary of the UN’s adoption of Sustainable Development Goals.

The Feast of St. Francis’ in on October 4. 

All great times to raise awareness about the causes and effects of climate change and to recommit to doing our part for change, as small as it may seem. 

GreenFaith logo

For years, GreenFaith has worked to cherish and protect the Earth in recognition of something greater than ourselves. It is with this mission of good stewardship that we invite you on a journey towards sustainable living.
We invite you to join us in Living the Change! Living the Change is a worldwide multi-faith initiative organized by GreenFaith to champion sustainable ways of life for diverse people of faith. 
We represent a globally-connected community of religious and spiritual institutions collaborating with experts in the field of sustainable consumption practices, all of whom are called to make faithful choices for a flourishing world – to live more sustainably and help ensure a 1.5°C future.
We invite you to think about the personal choices that most impact your personal contribution to climate change, and how you can become part of the solution in three high-impact areas: transportation, home energy use, and diet.
Please consider applying for our new Sustainable Living Leadership Program by July 31st. This eight-week online training course will help equip participants to engage their communities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at levels consistent with a livable future. Learn more about the program and how to apply here.
Then, between October 7-14th, join us in celebrating the first ever Week of Living the Change with local events in faith communities around the world. People from diverse religions and spiritualities will come together to share a plant-based community meal, affirm personal stories of sustainable living, and celebrate together! Learn more about the Week of Living the Change, register your event and apply for funding here.
Join us in walking on Earth gently. In nurturing our shared planet. In treasuring our common home. 
Join us in Living the Change!
In faith,       
Rev. Fletcher Harper           Caroline Bader
Executive Director              Director of Living the Change

101 South 3rd Avenue, # 12 | Highland Park, NJ | 08904 | 732-565-7740 | F: 732-565-7790

Monday, July 16, 2018

"Citizen Pressure" on Global Climate Action Summit

At last week’s climate Conference in Rome Pope Francis asked for “citizen pressure” ahead of the September 8 Global Climate Action Summit.  He called for urgent collective action to repair the planet.   On September 8th, thousands of people will come together in San Francisco where the Summit is taking place, and in towns and cities across the world to demand our local leaders take bold action on climate change and commit to a Fossil Free world.  Check out events happening near you or register one at: 
Check out events happening near you or register one at:

Monday, July 9, 2018

Central American Refugees Flee Violence

This short video may be used to help people understand why are so many refugees fleeing the Northern Triangle.

It is 3 years old but the situation has only gotten worse.

Central American refugees flee violence

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sisters and Associates Protest in Oshkosh

Oshkosh, June 30 --  Sisters Julie Ann Krahl, Clare Lawlor, Kathleen Ries, and Mary Elise Leiker were among the sisters and associates who braved the heat to join people across the nation to protest the administration’s immigration policy that separates children from their parents.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Urge your Senators to vote to protect and strengthen SNAP!

The Senate is expected to vote on the Farm Bill sometime this week.  It protects SNAP.
Join National SNAP Call-in Day TODAY, Tuesday, June 26. Please call your Senators today and ask them to protect SNAP! Urge them to vote yes on S. 3042  which protects SNAP benefit levels and eligibility, and keeps food on the table for struggling low-income people.

Take these steps to protect SNAP in the Senate Farm Bill:
Call Today - Tuesday, June 26, 1-888-398-8702, and enter your zip code to be connected to your Senators. (Toll-free number courtesy of Feeding America.) 

Urge your Senators to vote to protect and strengthen SNAP, to vote “Yes” on the Senate Agriculture Committee version of the Farm Bill (S. 3042), and to vote “No” on any and all harmful amendments that would cut or weaken SNAP. 

S. 3042 passed the Senate Agriculture Committee on June 13. It is expected to be taken up by the Senate this week, with a vote likely on Thursday, June 28. Unlike the House Farm Bill (H.R. 2), the Senate bill protects SNAP benefit levels and eligibility, and keeps food on the table for struggling low-income people.